• MFG: The Officials Choice, Inc.
  • -PEBBLE KNIT- Last Call $17.50 & UP Til Midnight Oct 31, 2015 NAVY BLUE-MLB Replica_4_2015 Ump Shirt The Official's Choice, Inc._MLB_Replica_4_2015_4
    The Official's Choice, Inc. staff has worked tirelessly with our manufacturer to again bring to market in 2015 the BEST quality made umpire shirt in the industry. Try just one and you'll see the difference from the minute you try it on . . .

    - PEBBLE KNIT -NAVY BLUE Short Sleeve Umpire Shirt by The Official's Choice, Inc._MLB_Replica_3_2015_4

    • Sizes NOT LISTED i.e. Large/ XL/ XXL are SOLD OUT until December 15, 2015
    • Firstly, on behalf of the entire staff here at www.TheOfficialsChoice.com THANK YOU in advance to each of you for the order and being our VALUED customer. Because of each of you our line of MLB Replica_4 -PEBBLE KNIT- short sleeve umpire shirts are being worn COAST-TO_COAST.
    • Secondly, this PROMOTION of $17.50 & UP will be -EXTENDED- until Saturday MIDNIGHT Oct 31, 2015.
    • Thirdly, As much as we'd like to be the lowest price in the industry - this will be the last time price of $17.50 & UP will be offered. The cost of producing these shirts, which are the -VERY BEST- in the industry and being worn COAST-TO-COAST, has increased. Beginning on November 1, 2015 the price will be $20.00 & UP UNTIL November 30, 2015. Beginning December 1 and until December 31, 2015 price will be $22.50 & UP. For entire 2016 the NEW price will be $25.00 & UP.
    • Finally, I respectfully request you please pass our website on to some of your fellow umpire members so they to can begin to wear the industry VERY BEST QUALITY made shirt. Thank you again. www.TheOfficialsChoice.com
    • Sized for the BASES, up size for the PLATE
    • Due to the RENEWED popularity of NAVY BLUE umpire shirts these are now back in production.
    • NAVY BLUE shirt material, with RED PIPING piping. A PERFECT alternative to the OUT OF DATE Black baseball umpire shirt that has been now on the market for OVER 7-10 years or so.
    • Made of a - PREMIUM - 100% Polyester - PEBBLE KNIT - material, click on crystal clear photos for closeup of this 1st class material. It is LIGHTWEIGHT, VERY COOL and EXTREMELY DURABLE.
    • Made with our UmpDRY Moisture-Wicking Material
    • SuperCool Wicking Fabric. At just 8.75 ounces it is the lightest weight shirt on the market.
    • S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL
    • Left Front Pocket & 3 Button
    • Manufactured by The Official's Choice, Inc.

    List $29.95 ... Price From $17.50 to $22.50

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